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Colleene Fesko and her associates provide a broad array of estate, appraisal and brokering services to discerning clients.  


Our goal is to provide the expertise and advice you need to have confidence in your decisions.  We know that often individuals seeking our help come to us under stressful situations where an objective, experienced advisor is key to simplifying complex questions and clarifying goals.  Friends and family members, even with the best intentions, can make bad decisions in those circumstances.


We offer much more than decades of expertise in our field: we strive to offer you peace of mind, and, where appropriate, a profitable and efficient dispersal of your prized possessions, collection or estate.



We specialize in assisting clients faced with the responsibility of appraising, dividing or dispersing an estate.  Not only can we provide the kind of comprehensive appraisal you need to ascertain estate tax liability, we are able to provide you direct assistance with difficult decisions: how can I profitably sell items my heirs no longer want?  should I donate specific items or a collection to a museum or non-profit organization?  how do I equitably divide my art and antiques among family members?  Each situation is different, and we can help you achieve your goals and ensure your legacy.



We provide expert, quality appraisals for any purpose: fair market value, insurance, estate, gift tax, charitable contributions, damage/loss, family division and property distribution.  Our fully documented appraisal reports are professionally researched to the highest standards.



Whether you are selling or buying fine art, antiques, jewelry or other valuable collectibles, we provide the assistance you need.  We put our national and international network of resources at your disposal to ensure your satisfaction. We can directly assist you in placing the estate of an artist, selling your collection privately or at auction, or discreetly brokering individual pieces of high value.   


We invite you to contact us for a no-obligation discussion of how we can 
be of service to you.

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